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The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers - Under The Influence
Ryanetics Music, LTD
August 2011

Harmony lead guitars? It may be a “lost art”, but the Ryan brothers hold nothing back to create their latest work of art, Under The Influence.

With solid musicianship throughout, this release will roll back the years and have you rockin’ as if you are experiencing a very tight, pro jam session sometime during those hazy 70s, when a good time was “under the influence” of a couple of talented guitar players vying for your eye (and ear) as they jam into the wee hours of the morning – without the aid of high-tech gadgetry.

With some thumpin’ double-bass percussion, the Flyin’ Ryan Brothers bring retro guitar/bass/drum rock grooves roaring into the 21st Century -- without keyboards, synthesizers, or even vocals (well, unless you count a few rather vocal chickens on “Henhouse Shuffle”). Yes, for this reviewer “no vocals” is often the end of the line, but there is no denying the musicianship and talent that went in to this recording. The double guitar leads were “recorded in real time”… “Jimmy’s solos are panned right; Johnny’s solos are panned left”. The mixing is top-notch.

Under The Influence contains the final performance from drummer Johnny Mrozek, and is dedicated to his memory. Listeners will agree, he was an exemplary drummer.

While I was reminded of RUSH (and even Frampton and Styx) from time to time, The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers cite such artists as Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, and Joe Satriani among their influences.

Even if you are a “words and music” person (such as myself), I can still recommend Under The Influence to rock, shuffle, and groove your night away. Musicians, be sure to check out the website for some pro tips, and helpful “7 Networking Basics for the Music Industry”.

~Sonya Brown