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Fashion Bomb - Devils To Some – Angels To Others
Full Effect Records

Fashion Bomb aim to take Music on its next evolutionary step, infusing new life into Metal, Industrial, and Goth scenes by pushing the envelope of each subgenre and melding them together in a Witches’ brew with their own unique flavor. An excellent example of this is evidenced on their debut album Devils To Some – Angels To Others.

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Fashion Bomb are: vocalist Val, guitarist Acid, bassist Trace, and drummer Dronel. Growling vocals along with deep, sexy clean vox deliver inspirational lyrics against a no-nonsense background of musical strength.

The fantastic crunches of "SS" starts things off with a bang, decrying conformists’ attempts at quashing individuality. “Nothing” conveys that hollow feeling inside after a betrayal. The testosterone-induced “Low” is almost predatory – the hunt for fulfillment of lust. (It freaking Rocks!) The ferocious “Awake” rebels against organized religions making money selling faith.

Suppressed individuality bursts forth with a vengeance in “Rant”, which musically reminds me a bit of Disturbed. The FX in “God Drug” portrays minds lost, befuddled in unreality; the song likens religion to addiction. “The Line” shows people trying to live their lives as patterned by tv sitcoms, masses that let others manufacture their goals instead of following their own dreams. “Ascend This Day” attempts to awaken the masses with their noses to the grind for day-to-day wages and urges them to reach for something more.

I love the musicianship in “Drugpool”, where people are desperate to escape from reality. There’s an ominously dark edge to “Skin”, which fights tooth and claw to stay true to oneself. The fantastically raw “Over It” exposes hypocrisy. “Christ Puncher” fights back against the brain washing employed by some organized religions.

There’s a hint of exotic melodies in “Mold”, where the hands of apathy are trying to drag people down. The cover of Motley Crue’s “Looks That Kill” stays true to the original while still letting the band’s distinct personality shine through as well. There’s also a bonus track: an intriguing remix of “Low”.

~Athena Schaffer