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Edward Ka-spel - One Last Pose Before The Ruin
Beta-lactam Ring Records

Edward, take it slow! Not that he's ever really rushed into anything, but to have constant, yet quality output like The Prophet, one must be disciplined. On this release, it seems that much more deliberate pacing of energy is present, an effect that really allows the intended mood to settle in! We don't even hear his heavily effected voicing until track 03, “Friends of the Earth".

I am very impressed with the album flow and the more 'baritone' version of Edward's vocal presence. You can really feel how important the words are!

It's no secret that I'm a fan to the point of near obsession, but since you probably missed out -- like I did -- on the limited 6-fold cardboard covered-up release by Beta-lactam Ring Records, who are becoming as well known for their wondrous attention to packaging detail as they are their careful musical selections, you may as well go to and download the tracks. Afterwards, you can go to the Beta-lactam Ring Records site and sign up for their newsletter, so as not to miss future limited releases.

There is a part of me that still enjoys collecting the accompanying artwork, but this is a must-have in any form. One Last Pose Before the Ruin is reminiscent of early Coil releases in many ways, and exhibits fine examples of why Edward is considered the master of modern psychedelic music concepts.

If you've always been less enthused about the Ka-spel solo brand, June brings the appearance of a new Legendary Pink Dots release. It's a great year for music, don't be afraid to revel in it!

Track List:
01. Looping '72
02. A Slighter Fade of Whale
03. Friends of the Earth
04. Desert Bong
05. Mining a Dead Moon

~Alexavier S. Strangerz