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DORO - Fear No Evil

AFM Records

Just like Boudicca of legend, the Warrior Metal Queen Doro continues to fearlessly lead the masses into musical battle, with admirable strength, confidence, and finesse. Her latest release, Fear No Evil, (AFM Records) is a prime example of why hordes of ravenous fans continue to follow her charge – anthemic chants, catchy musicianship, and moods from raw emotions to pure celebration.

Following on the album’s heels is the 2 DVD/CD set – 25 Years In Rock, which features her star studded guest-packed anniversary concert at the LSS Dome, and includes special features such as a documentary and behind-the-scenes highlights.

Originally hailing from Germany, fabulous frontwoman Doro Pesch is joined by drummer Johnny Dee, bassist Nick Douglas, guitarist Bas Maas, and guitarist/keyboardist Harrison Young. The band is still tirelessly touring on the strength of the Fear No Evil album, including shows in Russia and her first ever visit to Japan!

The excellent Fear No Evil album starts off with creepy spoken male vocals and an ominous brewing storm for the scary “The Night Of The Warlock”. “Running From the Devil” has an inescapable urgency. The aptly titled “Celebrate” is both raucous and victorious. “Caught In A Battle” never flinches at the surrounding brutality.

The gorgeous, emotionally-charged “Herzblut” transcends language barriers. “On The Run” is an adrenaline-fueled race. The cosmic “Walking With The Angels” is a forlorn ballad.

The warrior soul of “I Lay My Head Upon My Sword” can only be described as Strength personified. “It Kills Me” is another heart-ripping ballad. The awesome “Long Lost For Love” grabs you by the jugular and never lets go. The mystic, mesmerizing 25 Years celebrates the connection between both Doro and her legions of die-hard fans.

~Athena Schaffer