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Death Valley High - Doom, In Full Bloom
Minus Head Records
Release: March 2011

"So captivated by Reyka’s flirtatious doom-pop vocal libido, I can barely tear myself away to write this review."
~Jett Black

Doom, In Full Bloom irresistibly entreats audiences enticed previously by this San Francisco bands’ debut title, The Similarities of the Loveless and the Undead.

Riveted by Reyka Osburn’s distinctive vocal stylings and the rhythmic intoxication of driving guitar licks and pounding percussion, extant Death Valley High fans must already be hypnotically glued to every minute of audio grinding out of this full-length follow-up. More than just a little catchy, Doom, In Full Bloom is infectious and contagious in every tribal sense that Rock-n-Roll has to offer, minus the bubblegum of commercial pop radio. Delicious audio includes flawlessly packaged harmonies delivered with the bold and forthright vigor of youth and full-throttle testosterone, appealing to a diverse range of metal, pop, and hard-core punk rock fans.

The twelve track full album version available everywhere, while the fifteen track deluxe edition (featuring to-die-for remixes) will be available exclusively by digital download. A cover of Killing Joke’s “The Wait” is included on both editions, with a campy twist on Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” available on the deluxe edition.

Track listing :
01.  Black Friday
02.  She Wants To Kill
03.  Multiply
04.  Days & Days
05.  Meet Me For Ouija
06.  The Wait
07.  Bring I Down
08.  The Twist
09.  Thru Hell
10.   Cursed Mary
11.   EVOLution
12.   Mist & Debris

Deluxe version additions:
13.   I Kissed A Girl
14.   She Wants To Kill (King Loses Crown Remix)
15.   Multiply (Dominion Remix)

~Jett Black