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Darkane - Demonic Art
Nuclear Blast

Sweden’s Darkane create a masterpiece worthy of hanging in Baphomet’s own throne room with their eloquent album, Demonic Art. This Metal masterpiece urges people to liberate both their minds and spirits.

A combination of both “Dark” and “Arcane”, the Darkane wizards are: vocalist Jens Broman, guitarists Christofer Malmstrom and Klas Ideberg, bassist Jorgen Lufberg, and drummer Peter Wildoer.

Brilliant fretwork over theatrical orchestrations start things off with the instrumental “Variations of an Eye Crush”. I love the guitar solo in the annihilating “Leaving Existence”. The vocal harmonies are fantastic in “Demonic Art”, which breaks the confines of the flesh to create your own reality utilizing your mind and spirit. “Absolution” rejects organized religions, and the only forgiveness needed is that which you give yourself.

“Execution 44” starts atmospherically bleak, then murderously fierce with blood red animosity as victims plead for their lives. The vocal harmonies are superb in “Impetuous Constant Chaos”, which seeks to liberate the very soul. “Demigod” shows how Christianity has enslaved the masses over the centuries. “Soul Survivor” stirs the very heart – a celebration of indulgences and gaining occult knowledge and power.

The bludgeoning “The Killing Of I” shows an empty soul waiting to be reborn. “Wrong Grave” is a lonely, atmospheric instrumental. The furious “Still In Progress” is a dose of pure adrenaline. The ferocious “Wrath Connection” raises Hell – literally!

~Athena Schaffer