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Covenant - Modern Ruin

I normally listen to a new release at least four or five times before I write a review; however with Modern Ruin this is not the case, as I can immediately recommend this release! I am certain you will be hearing much of this in your local clubs, especially remixes of “Lightbringer”, already available in Europe or as an import.

There is a repetitive drone as the opening track, and I expect many a dj to use these simple tones to announce the beginning of their set. Other dance-floor friendly stand-outs include “The Judge of My Domain”, “The Dynamo Clock”, and “Worlds Collide”.

Although not every song is bound to be the next dance-floor classic, Covenant has a way of keeping the rhythm ticking along, even in its calmer and more introspective moments. One of my favorite of these moments comes in the form of the track “Get On”. Also “Beat The Noise” which is part new inspiration and part call-back to the song “Ritual Noise” from Covenant’s previous release Skyshaper.

While I don't always read the 'press' material that comes with a promo release, this quote from Metropolis sums it all up nicely: ”Modern Ruin” is the latest chapter of Covenant’s epic adventure in time and space. Ever a band that’s consistently made references to being in motion, physical and mental travel, exploration of the hidden and the unknown. And again they have wondrous tales to tell us.

You can purchase this release directly from Metropolis. (Note: a limited edition 2-cd version will be available in early February 2011.)

01. Modern Ruin
02. Lightbringer (ft. Necro Facility)
03. Judge of My Domain
04. Dynamo Clock
05. Kairos
06. The Beauty and the Grace
07. Get On
08. Worlds Collide
09. The Night
10. Beat the Noise
11. The Road

~Alexavier S. Strangerz