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Collide - Counting to Zero
Noiseplus Music

It happens to be the stormiest day to hit Portland, Oregon so far this winter. The rain is pounding on the roof as soggy leaves skitter by in micro-tornadoes. Warm within my home, I’m enveloped in a cocoon of sound, lost in Counting to Zero-- the latest release from Collide. I can’t think of a better way to spend an isolated day, completely absorbed within the lovely sonance of kaRIN’s feminine voice fused with Statik’s genius programming.

Counting to Zero opens with the hauntingly beautiful, “Bending and Floating”. “Lucky 13” is sexy, grinding, and rule-breaking, “everything comes around that goes around”. “Mind Games” is another very sexy track, the magic of Statik’s sequencing illuminates a perfect backdrop for kaRIN’s words and vocals. “In The Frequency” gives a trippy, mind-altering, other-worldly experience. Mind your head with this one!

“Clearer” reaches through time and space, incorporating an Appalachian dulcimer sample to the already lush tapestry of sound.

The title track boasts of something called a “zizzle”. I asked kaRIN to clarify. “The zizzle was given to Statik by an old friend of his,” kaRIN states, “it is sort of like a toy that makes sounds”. Indeed, the Zizzle Zoundz claims to be: “an electronic music machine, [that] can give you a variety of sound bites whenever you place a Zoundz object on one of its glowing spots on the amoeba-shaped sound board”. Sounds like a fun little gadget!

Finally, as this trying year comes to a slow and all but grinding closure -- and as the rain continues to fall outside -- I hope all who read this will join me, warm in heart, counting to zero with this latest brilliant release by Collide.

~Sonya Brown