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The Barbarellatones - Confessions of a Teenage Prostitute
Sex With Lurch Music
Release: February 2011

When looking for a good time... and, aren't we all? First, choose your poison and turn your mind upside-down. Next, switch on the high-fidelity, and then let's take a swanky, soul-searching walk on the wild side where glitz, glam, and raunchy sex meet with the sandy grit of the Sunset Strip. FYI enlightenment awaits within the gender-bending "Confessions of a Teenage Prostitute", a lively collection of new melodies from The Barbarellatones mixed in with a few familiar favorites pulled from the drunken decadence of sordid memories-past.

With any Barbarellatones release you are going to get audibly sexed-up. That’s just how they roll, and “Confessions” gets down to business with the first track “She Mates, She Kills!”, a catchy tune about a not-so-nice Beverly Hills psychopath (stay away from her green jello). Enjoy the lovely piano interlude just before the killer ending.

“Confessions” is not all sordid sex stories. A revved-up tribute to Jan and Dean’s “Dead Mans Curve” takes a brief detour through the 60s classic; but quickly gets back to glitter- strewn mayhem (and apparently a tribute to Robbie Quine’s father) with “Sperm Whale”.

"Transvestobilly Boogie" wafts with an aroma that could emanate from any trashy neighborhood. More likely though, it crawls from trailer parks on the seedy side of your own back-water suburbia.

Robbie Quine, looking and sounding a lot like a love-child of Edie Sedgwick, may have been privately mentored by the tag-team of Oscar Wilde and Bob Dylan before embarking upon an "Endless Journey" of "Bad Vibes", only to at long last saunter into a "Tranny Trot" through the neighborhood "Methlab".

And, what’s up with sloth? Well, “partly due to years of hard introspective work with a great therapist” Robbie states that he has worked through his fear of sloths and now features a portrait of Stanley The Sex Sloth on the CD insert. Open if you dare, and then indulge on the crazy psychedelic tones of “Confessions of a Teenage Prostitute”, now in “Perv-O-Sonic” sound!

Track List:

01. She Mates, She Kills
02. Confessions Of A Teenage Prostitute
03. Dead Mans Curve (Jan and Dean)
04. Sperm Whale
05. Endless Journey
06. Mommy's Gone Insane
07. Bad Vibes
08. Methlab
09. Do The Tranny Trot!
10. Song For Siddhartha
11. We're Breaking Up
12. Thick and Thin
13. Twiggy Starlust
14. Transvestobily Boogie

~Jett Black

~Sonya Brown