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Collide - These Eyes Before
Noiseplus Music

Noiseplus Music unleashes the latest: These Eyes Before; a new release by Collide revitalizing 10 classic rock favorites every music aficionado will recognize and cherish.

Truly something for everyone is reflected in These Eyes Before. I love it when I open up a brand new CD and immediately begin to sing along! Collide’s talent shines with silky vocals and multi-faceted soundscapes creating a cavalcade of entirely unique and new experiences, melding both past and present audio delights beautifully.

If ever a band composed an entire CD of cover songs and, making them their own, without losing any integrity of the original work, then Collide succeeds within These Eyes Before . Take “White Rabbit” (Jefferson Airplane) covered by Collide on Chasing the Ghost [2000]; which rose in college radio and underground music club popularity until critical-mass, acquiring mainstay status at gothic clubs around the world. (Try ‘Goth Bowling’ to Collide’s rendition of “White Rabbit”!)

Most notable favorites include “Come Together”, “I Feel You”, “Creep”, and “Tusk”,

Statik’s layers of synchopated noise march “Tusk” alongside the Putnam City North High School Marching Band, cohesively delivering a surreal, 50-yard-line gyration effect.

~Sonya Brown
Editorial consult by: Jett Black