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Chords of Truth - Reflections of Reality
Music by Jason Garriotte
Due for Release: March 12, 2013

Original songs remixed by various artists, Chords of Truth is predominantly a collection of Synth-Folk remixes with a dash of Coldwave, a hint of tribal trip-hop, and an all too brief flirtation with hardcore Industrial EBM. Basic synth percussion sets the pace, whirring piano synth and more frequently strumming guitar chords fill the void until euro-accented vocals slip into the fore-front. From replicated echoing to trip-hop reverbs to melancholic shimmerings of the contemplative icy flowing of existential inquiries, the Chords of Truth remixes result in musical styles reminiscent of Wolfsheim, Covenant, and Beborn Beton.

Most of the lyrical content on Chords of Truth deal not with personal relationships between one person and another person, but rather more often one person's perspectives about the stereotypical trends, behaviors, and choices considered as contemporary and common to living in more modernized urban communities throughout the world today. "Listen" embraces the "think globally" trends of socio-ecological styles of political songwriting. "Moments" takes an analytical scalpel against the trends and routines appearing within existential themes of the origins and potential destinies of theological and humanistic philosophies. Examples of such philosophical inquiries generally include, "Why are we here?"; What does it all mean?"; and "What are we obligated or expected to do with what we believe and have learned in all this time?"

While this synthpop style is often shown elsewhere to exhibit a focus upon the microcosmic paradigm, this collection of songs reflects more of a macrocosmic focus. "Pop or Soda" serves as a comic relief against the more serious lyrical content of other songs appearing among the remixes on this double LP collection.

While a variety of remix styles appear on both Disc 1 and Disc 2... Disc 2, Track 9 "Listen" presents the most stark departure from other remix styles on this double LP and is credited as "Corroded Master Industrial Remix"; living up to the description, this track resembles remix styles of artists such as Suicide Commando, Stromkern, and Icon Of Coil.

~Jett Black