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Sound of the Blue Heart - Wind of Change
Hollows Hill Sound Recordings

"The Crow represents change, either through growth or destruction."

Human Drama/Johnny Indovina fans take heart; with Wind of Change, Sound of the Blue Heart weaves a beguiling and emotionally enchanting spell upon romantic music lovers with ten new thought-provoking songs bearing forth lyrics characteristic of Indovina’s flair for strong and passionate prose. I caught a glimpse of Pink Floyd and David Bowie’s influence lurking amid the melancholic tones and rockin’ melodies exhibited within Wind of Change; and of course Bob Dylan’s essence abounds via Sound of the Blue Heart’s cover on “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”.

In 2005, Human Drama closes the final chapter. And much like the Crow, during the following year Indovina represents change through growth, collaborating with Gregg Burns, together co-producing the project Sound of the Blue Heart. Musicians Tim Grove, Rebecca Bolam, Michael Mallory, and Robert Cournoyer continue the creative flow, contributing diverse and gifted talents to this album.

I’m most partial to the undulating strings and cascading percussion. Spotlight features include the lovely, subtle keyboards on “Never”, and also oboe contributions by Ryan Golds on “Life Is Beautiful, Life Is Cruel”.

~Sonya Brown
Editorial consult by: Jett Black