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King Belvedere - My Kinda Rock And Roll!


Baltimore has unleashed a kick-ass force of nature onto the musical world. King Belvedere recently released their fist-pumping, head-banging sophomore release, My Kinda Rock And Roll! They definitely put the pedal to the Metal and deliver a high powered dose of Power Metal fun!

Check out the video for the title track!

The maelstrom that is King Belvedere gathered its members from California, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Upstate New York and thrust them into the whirlpool’s Baltimore eye. The band is: vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jeff McKenny, guitarists Josh Ott and Jonny B, bassist Chip Michael, and drummer Johnny Sexx. (One of the band’s merch offerings are t-shirts Johnny makes from his drum head designs). The band is understandably gaining quite the following from all over the East Coast, and the storm is spreading out from there! This is definitely a band to watch – there is a very promising future ahead for them.

King Belvedere’s music has been compared to Guns N Roses and The Ramones – and surely those influences are evident. (The Crowgrrl’s a huge Ramones fan, so those were strong claims to live up to, and fortunately King Belvedere delivers).

The My Kinda Rock And Roll title track is an excellent anthemic celebration. I love the bass and vocal harmonies as we explore some exciting Nightlife in “Here We Go”. The positive message of Acceptance and embracing individuality and sense of Self in “We’re Alright” is absolutely inspirational! “One For The Money” spurs action! (And features an impressive lead guitar riff).

Primal urges run rampant in “Hot Night”, which can only be described as Caliente! The musicianship is superb in the predatory, dangerous “On The Run”. “Let’s Roll” is a pure adrenaline rush.

~Athena Schaffer