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The Barbarellatones - Surf Narcs
Sex With Lurch Music
Release: June 2010

Surf Narcs is the latest effort from Malibu’s long time stewards of slutty psycho surf, The Barbarellatones , and this new release fits into their substantial catalog as smoothly as a latex glove and as delightfully as a French tickler. The title track is all soothing surf sounds and the type of radioed voice-overs that would do C.W. McCall proud, “Be on the lookout for an AARP longboarder.”  This is fertile ground to be sure, and I for one am waiting for some savvy TV producer to turn it into a sitcom. But don’t think for a second this is a PG record.  “Iggy Pop” retells the rock and roll rumor “Iggy Pop played with Bowie’s cock”   with a rockin’ riff reminiscent of Spider’s from Mars era Bowie. Other highlights include the hilarious “Lesbotron” and a spunky version of “Time Warp” featuring 80’s B-Girl Josie Cotton that’s actually catchier than the original.

Track List:

01. Time Warp!
02. Iggy Pop!
03. Lesbotron
04. I Saw Her Standing There
05. Violet Fire
06. Bird Of Prey
07. Haole Boyz
08. Surf Narcs
09. Night of the Flesh Eating Dolls
10. Medication Time
11. Death Wave 2000
12. It's All Your Fault!
13. Shangri La
14. The Last Party

~Noah Skusse