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Avantasia - Lost In Space Parts 1 & 2
Nuclear Blast

Avantasia laid the groundwork for their excellent Metal opera The Scarecrow with the previews/introductions on the EP’s Lost In Space Parts 1 & 2. Nuclear Blast has just combined those EP’s into a single CD entity. This makes a great companion to the aforementioned The Scarecrow for a full evening of sensory experiences.

Avantasia is the side project of the multi-talented Edguy frontman, Tobias Sammet, along with guitarist Sascha Paeth, keyboardist Michael “Miro” Rodenberg, and drummer Eric Singer. Guest appearances also abound on the Lost In Space album, including: Henjo Richter, Amanda Somerville, Jorne Lande, Michael Kiske, Bob Calley, and Volker Heintzen.

There are three versions of the title track: the original taken from The Scarecrow which is beautifully dark with a sense of being out of control. There’s an acoustic version captured live at Gatestudio, and there’s the ethereal extended version. The victorious “Another Angel Down” also appears on The Scarecrow.

The paranoid “Lay All Your Love On Me” conveys pure jealousy. I love the piano in the passionate “The Story Ain’t Over”. “Return To Avantasia” includes a hint of Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song”, before turning into an epic journey in its own right. “Ride The Sky” – featuring Eric Singer on vocals – sounds like a continuation of that journey.

Pure rage confronts religious lies in “Promised Land”. The melancholic yet catchy “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” celebrates the memories of a chapter of life that’s over. “Scary Eyes” is pure paranoia – a feeling of being constantly watched. “In My Defense” is a heart-wrenching ballad.

~Athena Schaffer