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Attrition - The Unraveller of Angels

From the moment The Unraveller of Angels begins, I’m inspired by the beautiful haunt of an echoed melody. Then, the beat kicks in and Martin Bowes (and crew) have done it again! Although they definitely have a 'sound' now, it’s also clear they are carefully adjusting the formula. Of course there's Martin's vocal growl , the ego of the composition counterposed and contrasted by his current operatic female vocalist (the last I knew of was Laurie Reade of High Blue Star). The effect is a musical Yin -Yang, flirtatious yet only suggesting of actual sex. The longer you listen, the further the music penetrates your soul until soon you are interacting with the sounds on what feels like a cellular level.

What is it about our friends across the pond? It’s an age-old story as influences keep bouncing back and forth with each “British Invasion”; and, in my opinion, they just keep getting better. Attrition is no stranger to the American landscape; in fact they will be appearing in many parts of North America beginning this September. (What a great year for music!)

As I delve in to The Unraveller of Angels, the music becomes deeper and deeper… and by Track 3 I’m hooked and even more ready to experience Attrition LIVE! Will it be Portland, Seattle, or elsewhere? (All of the above?) A presence of well effected guitar work catches my attention as the first three songs flow like molten honey. The fourth track is a new beginning as I become accustomed to the flow of the album – connected, relevant, and hypnotic! I’m a sucker for good album flow or concept realization, and Attrition is proving to be modern masters!

Track 8, “The Casual Agent”, really grabs me with operatic vocals, droning rhythms, and some great real time percussion that stands out in a manner similar to the song “Love’s Secret Domain” by Coil (and this is an ultimate compliment from me!).

The Unraveller of Angels is available as a digital download, so be sure to get your copy today… and perhaps I will see you at the show, eh?

Track List:
01 – The Unraveller
02- Karma Mechanic
03- Narcissist
04- Histrionic!
05- One Horse Rider
06- Snakepit
07- Suicide Engineer
08- The Casual Agent
09- Hallow Lattitudes
10- The Internal Narrator

~Alexavier S. Strangerz