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Primitive Reaction

Armour’s eponymous debut features musicianship sharp as a well-honed sword and as hard-hitting as a warhammer. These modern day Vikings shine like the Midnight Sun on breastplates and weaponry! Their signature sound incorporates some of the best of ‘80’s style Arena/Power Metal and kicks it into the New Millennium with testosterone-fueled strength and bravado.

Hailing from Finland, Armour are: founder/vocalist/rhythm guitarist Vince Venom, bassist Pete Talker, lead guitarist Mike “HC” Slutz, and drummer Johnny River. Their debut release is impressive indeed, a raucous victory celebration that’s as enduring as castle walls.

The anthemic “Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll Tonite” immediately causes fists to start pumping high in the air, and features a kick-ass guitar solo. The testosterone-fueled “The Time Is Right” can only be described as pure strength unleashed. The raw, raunchy “Sex Demon” is very reminiscent of W.A.S.P. (who has always been one of The Crowgrrl’s favorite bands anyway. Enough said!)

The rollicking “Roll Out (Or Get Rocked)” is another Arena Rock anthem. “Satan’s Knights” races like a bat out of Hell! “Can’t Resist Your Spell” surrenders completely to irresistible lust.

“Magick Armour” unleashes otherworldly forces under a Full Moon’s light. “Hellfire” is a scorching attack. The ruthless “Ready To Attack” shows no mercy. Clattering glasses punctuate pure celebration in “Heavy Metal Drinkers”.

~Athena Schaffer