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Architects (UK) - Hollow Crown
Century Media

Architects (UK) have taken the Metal world by storm, appealing to a wide variety of subgenres in their carefully crafted blend, taking the best from several styles and melding them into a Metal mold all their own. This is fully apparent on their newest release, Hollow Crown.

Hailing from the resort town of Brighton, England, Architects (UK) are: vocalist Sam Carter, guitarists Tim Hillier and Tom Searle, bassist Ali Dino, and drummer Dan Searle.

Fierce music and agonized vocals bemoan bad choices in “Early Grave” (also the first video from the album). A rebellious hostile takeover is the theme of “Dethroned”. Pure fear marks the political commentary in “Numbers Count For Nothing”. “Follow The Water” desperately tries to break the mold of repetitive daily routines.

The remorseful “In Elegance” shatters the last chance for happiness. Despite the fact that “We’re All Alone” lives in a void of broken dreams, I love the riffs, foundations, and vocal harmonies! Pain and betrayal permeate “Borrowed Time”. “Every Last Breath” is riddled with guilt and remorse.

“One Of These Days” is Hell-bent on revenge on the woman that broke his heart. “Dead March” plunges us into the mind of a stalker, with razor-sharp musicianship and a gorgeous tranquil break. Pure paranoia with the feeling of constantly being watched best describes the maniacal “Left With A Last Minute”. Beautiful melodies and vocals abound in the atmospheric Hollow Crown title track.

The aforementioned Architects (UK)’s previous release deserves a shout-out, too; it’s a blueprint for Metal success is combining precision technical Metal with melodic yet thundering foundations. While awaiting the release of their highly anticipated Hollow Crown, Century Media released the band’s previous limited Ruin. More like a wrecking ball demolishing mortar and stone structures, this album holds no punches.

“Buried At Sea” lays down a violent, murderous foundation for the album, followed by the berserker “Hunt Them Down” (with militaristic drums in the outro). It’s not a good bet that “You’ll Find Safety” in the deceptively titled song. The fretwork is awesome in the melodic yet threatening “Always”.

Desolate atmosphere permeates "Sail This Ship Alone" – a simple instrumental interlude. The guitar melodies are also impressive in the sadistic "Heartless". Some short but sweet clean vocal harmonies steal the show in the ominous "North Lane", and more nice vocals make an appearance in "I Can’t See the Light", which is musically a violent mauling.

"Low" features ominous tolling gong-like FX, deep foundations, and soaring riffs. Flesh-searing rays of dawn’s agony torture Vampires in "Running From The Sun". The urgent "Save Me" is filled to the brim with fear. The rampaging "Broken Clocks" destroys everything in sight.

~Athena Schaffer