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Age of Evil - Get Dead

Evil Eye Entertainment

Age of Evil is definitely a band to keep your eyes on! Still in their teens, these guys have musical maturity and finesse that surpasses even some seasoned veterans in the music industry! Judging from their recent EP, Get Dead (Evil Eye Entertainment), the future of Metal is in good hands indeed.

Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, Age of Evil is comprised of two sets of brothers –bassist Jacob Goldberg, drummer Garrett Ziff, vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Goldberg, and lead guitarist Jordan Ziff - who have not only known each other from an early age, but have made music together most of their young lives as well. The band already has extensive European and US touring and a full length album, Living A Sick Dream, (on which featured a guest appearance by former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman!) under their belts, and are hard at work on their sophomore full length.

Check out the videos for: “Living A Sick Dream” and “You Can’t Change Me”.

Although Get Dead features two classic covers, the bulk of the impressive music was penned by the band themselves along with their producer John Herrera. Those two covers mentioned are Skid Row’s “Slave to the Grind” and Judas Priest’s “Hellion/Electric Eye”. Both are very true to the originals, yet with letting the band’s individuality also shine through.

The adrenaline-fueled “Cruel Intentions” is a merciless assault of pure rage. The ferocious “Get Dead” title track is a murderous pummeling!

The other two tracks on the EP are actually live versions of tracks from their Living A Sick Dream album that capture the band’s raw energy and stand as testimony to the rapport they generate with a seriously pumped up audience. These are the anthemic “Eye For An Eye” and the pure blinding speed of “Glimpse Of Light”.

~Athena Schaffer