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Anguisette: The Creation Chamber
SINister Records

Seattle musician, Jyri Glynn, with the help of some talented friends, set out to create a “moody epic soundtrack with an EBM dance structure”. The Creation Chamber is the result of that vision. According to Glynn, “each vocalist was provided with a working title and an emotional theme and asked to breathe life into the pieces of music”. This living, breathing creation also added symphonic atmosphere to the film “The Sanguinarian”.

With cover artwork sure to catch the eye of Steampunk aficionados,The Creation Chamber evokes a chorale of talented femme vocalists; including Dawn Wood (Elektronika) and seVerina Sol (Cylab). Fellow Glynn band-made from The Sins, Lee Tillman, lends his talents on guitar and vocals.

Come for the lovely collaborative vocals, and then stay within The Creation Chamber for beautiful violin work, middle-eastern accents, and electro-infused audio delights, as Glynn’s talented passion for electronic-based music weaves sinewy ligatures of enchantment from beginning to end.

Be sure to check out the video for “29 Years”.

Track List:
01. Indefinite
02. Betrayal
03. Asphyxiate
04. 29 Years
05. Insomnia
06. Remorse
07. Faded Flowers
08. Spherical
09. Reset
10. Cellophane Rain
11. Losing it All
12. Resolution
13. Dimitto / Sweet the Pain

~Sonya Brown