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Alestorm - Back Through Time

Napalm Records

Alestorm once again bring us mayhem on the Seven Seas with their latest release, Back Through Time (Napalm Records). The band has churned up their own distinct meld of Metal and Folk with some Sea Salt thrown in for good measure which they call “Pirate Metal”. Full of swagger and drunken as a keg of ale, this album is a dose of pure fun.

Check out the video for the song “Shipwrecked”.

Anchored on Scotland’s Eastern shore, the band consists of two Scots and 2 Irishmen: Christopher Bowes (vocals, keyboards), Dani Evans (lead & rhythm guitar), Gareth Murdock (bass), and Peter Alcorn (drums).

Storm FX usher in the Back Through Time title track, which becomes a berserker of a song pitting Pirates against Vikings. “Shipwrecked” is hopelessly morbid as the crew is trapped on an island, lost at sea. “The Sunk’n Norwegian” faces Death with a brave face. “Midget Saw” celebrates a peg-legged midget just as tough as the rest of ‘em.

The out of control “Buckfast Powersmash” is fueled by hunger with nothing to lose. “Scraping The Barrel” reminisces and celebrates adventures passed. “Rum” is as intoxicating as imbibing the drink straight from the bottle.

“Swashbuckled” is full of swagger and trash talk as the drunken pirates in a tavern brag about their exploits. “Rumpelkambo” is a strange little ditty. “Barrett’s Privateers” is laced with pride. The intense “Death Throes of the Terrorsquid” faces the wrath of a terrifying denizen of the deep.

~Athena Schaffer