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Accept - Blood of the Nations

Nuclear Blast

Accept’s glaring absence from the Metal scene was merely an ominous Calm before the Storm, as these Teutonic Terrors are back with a vengeance! This is clearly evidenced on their first studio album in over a decade, Blood of the Nations (Nuclear Blast) – infused with pure Power and pandemically infectious musicianship.

Check out the video for the song “Teutonic Terror” here.

Original Accept founding members – guitarist Wolf Hoffman and bassist Peter Baltes – have added some new blood to the mix, joined this time around by vocalist Mark Tornillo, guitarist Herman Frank, and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann. This chemistry indeed makes the band a force to be reckoned with.

“Something amazing has happened,” Wolf exclaimed. “We seem to have been transformed from one world into another…these new songs simply bursted out of a vault that has been locked up for too long! We’re not sure where Blood of the Nations and all this new excitement will ultimately take us; we only know one thing: we never had it this good!”

The rage-induced “Beat The Bastards” leaves nothing but a bloody pulp in its wake, and features a phenomenal fiery guitar solo. A rampaging horde of barbarians run amok in the aforementioned “Teutonic Terror”. “The Abyss” plunges us into a state of fear just looking at the state of the world – frightening realities from suicide bombers to earthquakes and tsunamis. The anthemic “Blood of the Nations” title track is a powerful salute to soldiers putting their lives on the line to preserve our Freedom.

The chilling “Shades of Death” has a horror movie soundtrack feel as it conjures apparitions of murdered victims seeking justice. The catchy “Locked And Loaded” is pure danger. The forlorn ballad “Kill The Pain” conveys a sense of emotional emptiness. The rumbling “Rollin Thunder” celebrates the Biker mentality and sense of adventure.

The infectious “Pandemic” indeed gets under the skin as it invokes the adrenaline rush of Metal. “New World Coming” is a merciless reminder that no one can outrun the Reaper. In the same vein, the furious “No Shelter” reminds the greedy that Death is the great equalizer. The pulverizing “Bucketfull of Hate” is a venomous look at hypocrisy as it exposes lies.

~Athena Schaffer