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An Autumn For Crippled Children - Everything

ATMF Records

As leaves begin changing color and a crispness fills the air, one way to celebrate some of the more somber moods of the season is to permeate the soundwaves with the excellent album Everything from An Autumn For Crippled Children.

Just like the Eleusinian Mysteries, this band is shrouded in secrecy. The cryptic band members are simply known as vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist MXM, bassist TXT, and drummer CXC. Their “official band photo” is nothing more than a blur, and not much is known about them except they’re based in the Netherlands.

Therefore, the music itself has to speak for itself. It does so eloquently! AAFCC have combined elements of Black, Doom, and Death Metal infused with a large dose of melancholy. It has a dark beauty, like moonlight flickering on facets of a black diamond.

The symphonic, emotional “Forever Never Fails” takes us by the hand and leads us into AAFCC’s dark world. “Formlessness” thrusts us into a surreal void. The bleak, icy “Absence of Contrast” ironically has a gorgeous contrast of beautiful piano against tormented vocals.

“We All Fall” creates a mood of haunting tranquility. “Nothing_Everything” is an abstract with colorful dark hues of contrasting tortured vocals and tranquil musicianship.

The somber “Her Dress As A Poem, Her Death As The Night” makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up with dread. The lucious, elaborate “I Am The Veil” is more “structured” than the other offering, the strongest and most catchy song on the album. “Cold Spring” is indeed frigid, deep, and fluid.

There is a special 8-page booklet included in the first 500 copies sold.

~Athena Schaffer