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The Young Werewolves Cheat the Devil

The Young Werewolves’ second album, Cheat The Devil (Werewolf Productions) is a howling good time indeed! From start to finish, you can’t sit still amid the twangy, infectious Psychobilly grooves and horror movie lyrics!

The Wolf Pack – drummer Jonny Wolf, bassist Shewolf Dana Kain and guitarist Wolfman Nick Falcon – all share howling, er, vo-kill duties. They’re joined this time around by none other than Sid Haig, who produced the album for the Pennsylvania-based trio.

They’ve also made quite a presence on Youtube, including a Mini 3 Song Concert, their Halloween appearance on AMC Monsterfest, one of their rare B-side songs The Girl From Transylvania, and their cover of the 80’s Soft Cell classic, Tainted Love

Werewolves fit right in with the decadent underbelly of Hollywood. "Mischief Night" is seductive temptation. Images of a seedy barroom are evoked in "Devil Dancer Girl". The dangerous "Cheatin’ The Devil" throws caution to the wind. The scary nighttime vibe in "Run Away" urges you to do just that.

There’s a party in the Hell-flames in the sulphuric "Fire". "Dr. Jeckyll And Mr. Hyde" is monstrous madness, with an intro narrated by Sid Haig. Run screaming from the drive in’s horror marathon as the classic monsters step off the big screen for a "Gala Monster Rally". All you can say about "Satan’s Daughter" is – talk about a hot chick! "Touched By A Demon" is feverishly fun!

"Guns, Guns, Guns" shows a silver bullet-packing posse chasing werewolves, from the werewolves’ point of view. You can’t help but howl at the moon along with "Shapeshifter!" The fun "Tattooed Aliens" evokes images of ‘Fifties science fiction movies. The bonus track is a rollicking cover of "Hungry Like The Wolf", complete with this pack’s own stamp on it.

~Athena Schaffer