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Paul Allender's - White Empress


One of The Crowgrrl’s favorite guitarists, Paul Allender (formerly of Cradle of Filth fame) has appropriately stepped into his own spotlight with the solo EP, “White Empress” (Peaceville Records). I’ve always said his guitar artistry was regal (case in point – in my “Midian” review, I called the fantastic guitar riffs in “Her Ghost In The Fog” as “fitting as a march for Infernal Royalty”), but with “White Empress” the musicianship shines as bright as a white-hot star!

The songs all seem to be tied together in a cohesive storyline, bringing this White Empress character to life.

“Erased and Rewritten” pulls us into the maelstrom of this EP, musically conjuring Fire & Ice – the basis of all creation. “Exile (The Empress Returns)” is as much of a hostile takeover as when Cleopatra got past Ptolemy’s guards to seduce Julius Caesar.

“The Fall Of The Old Guard” is indeed an annihilating conquest. The stellar “Obsession with The Empress” is indeed mesmerizing!

The Crowgrrl highly recommends this EP! It leaves me salivating for more, and fortunately, a full length LP should be out within a few months. If you don’t snatch it up the minute it’s available, you’ll be making a very grave mistake!

~Athena Schaffer