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System Syn - No Sky To Fall
Metropolis Records

This release gets 4 out of 5 stars from me, normally my highest rating. I've been sitting on this review since before the holiday season; in part due my inability to come up with good adjectives or even a genre classification for this great work. Certainly, it's some aggressive electronica, nothing that would surprise an avid Metropolis Records fan. I was woefully unaware of the band's work prior to receiving this release. I did find that Clint Carney (singer, writer, musician/SystemSyn), is also related to Imperative Reaction (a personal favorite) and GodModule (a popular act within the futurepop genre), so it’s good to know that this project is not barrowing from others, it's actually just expanding upon itself in a grand fashion.

My favorites from this release would be the title track “No Sky To Fall”, “The boys who make the music”, and the anthemic, “Hide and Seek”. Speaking of their anthem, I feel the placement is perfect as it breaks up the more straight-forward club friendly tracks with a refreshing display of emotion. Of course, the CD goes right back to the beats by the following track!

So, Metropolis Records does it again. I personally can hardly wait to get out there as a DJ and incorporate some of these tracks into a dynamic set!

01. No Sky to Fall
02. The Privileged
03. The Boys Who Make the Music
04. Hide and Seek
05. Daydream from a Deathbed
06. Breathe In
07. Lost
08. Truth and Consequence
09. Myth
10. Empty
11. A Prayer of Ending

~Alexavier S. Strangerz