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Neonfly - Strangers in Paradise

Inner Wound Recordings

Neonfly’s sophomore album, Strangers in Paradise, is a wonderful Power Metal extravaganza! The musicianship is a pure adrenaline rush – even including the two gorgeous power ballads. I can’t listen to this album enough! It immediately made its way into my personal heavy-rotation stack! For those of you who need comparisons, Neonfly are similar musically to Rhapsody of Fire or Dragonforce. They’re absolutely Fantastic!!!!

Check out the official first breathtaking video from the album, Better Angels.

The London, UK based band is: guitarists Frederick Thunder and Patrick Harrington, vocalist Willie Norton, bassist Paul Miller, and drummer Boris Legal. Guest keyboardist Gunter Werno also helped with some orchestral arrangements. In the past, Fred Thunder was the sole songwriter, and although he still does the lion’s share of that aspect of the band, this time around Willie Norton also co-wrote the lyrics to many of the tracks.

The seductive “Whispered Dreams” beckons us into the album – the seductively romantic track coerces the listener to sell their very soul. The predatory “Highways to Nowhere” is chilling indeed, with an inspirational guitar solo. The aforementioned “Better Angels” is indeed an awesome song with catchy musicianship and vocal harmonies despite the fact that it calls out a heartless femme fatale. Neonfly’s first ever power ballad “Rose In Bloom” revels in emotional agony, but it’s as brilliant as light reflecting off a streaming teardrop.

“Heart of the Sun” is one of my personal favorites – it’s as liberating as fallen angels reveling in freedom; soaring keyboards punctuate triumphant musicianship. The instrumental “Aztec Gold” is mesmerizing, the soaring guitars gives it a primal timelessness! Love it! The aptly titled “Fierce Battalions” is a musical and lyrical blitzkrieg that invokes Ares.

The furious “Sons of Liberty” rides the same tide of momentum as the previous track – mayhem and anarchy fueling the search for righteousness. The gorgeous guitar in the intro to “Chasing The Night” gives way to a ferocity as a dark deity collects souls (there is a wonderfully haunting break in the song as well). The beautiful power ballad “Falling Star” is a lamentation reaching out to someone spiraling down into an emotional abyss.

The Crowgrrl highly recommends not only this album, but Neonfly itself! This is a band destined for greatness!

~Athena Schaffer