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Stormcrow - Enslaved In Darkness

Selfmadegod Records

Selfmadegod Records recently re-released the long-out-of-print sole full length album by the now-defunct Crust Punk Metal band Stormcrow. Enslaved In Darkness may only be five songs, but it is indeed a full-length, with some of the epics clocking in over seven minutes each. It’s great that this album again sees the light of day (or should we say, pale moonlight) once again – it’s definitely a piece of history, and deserves a spot in your CD collection.

Not to be confused the Folk-Metal band of the same name, this Stormcrow hails from Oakland, CA. Known only by their first names, the band consist of bassist George, guitarist Jason, drummer Steve, and frontman Brian.

The thunderous Enslaved In Darkness title track kicks things off with a frenzy. “Anguished Existence” is aptly named, permeating with torture and agony.

“Baleful Conception” is my personal favorite – it starts off dark and eerie, gets faster and more intense later on, then digresses back into the creepy vibe. Delightful!

“Unwilling To Forgive” is ruthless, a showcase of the “hatred of mankind” the band is known for. (To quote their bio, the band members are “Hellions” who “use their hatred & disgust for mankind to bring the world to its knees”.) The powerful “New Messiah” is absolutely regal.

~Athena Schaffer