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Snog - Compliance [MET 994]

Our favorite anti-corporatocracy electronica artists are back with 12 powerful tracks for your personal protest soundtrack! For the dj's or completist, also note the co-release of the Cheerful Hypocrisy e.p. with remixes of the first two tracks plus a couple bonuses. If you are a fan of past tracks like "Corporate Slave" and/or "Are You Normal Enough?", there is plenty here satisfy you, but being innovators, several tracks have slightly different variations from any Snog formula, too.

A cut above 2013's Babes from Consumerland, every single listen brings giddy satisfaction. Here is the track by track breakdown:

01. Cheerful Hypocrisy - Straight up SNOG, coming right out the gate with a searing critic of your run-of-the-mill happy, smiling, hypocrites!

02. The Clockwork Man - Corporate Slave pt. 2, or just a cheerful little ditty about all those walking dead, punctual nine-to-fivers out there?

03. The Vampires Of Real Estate - Slower with a more melodic groove, this song really tells a story: "necromantic, geriatric, paralytic, parasitic... the vampires of real estate!"

04. Rich Kuntz - Pullling no punches with lyrics, synth lines or attitude, another track that dares push even the SNOG envelope. So catchy! A mainline with which you'll be humming along.

05. Compliance - Ohhhh, ohhhh Compliance! The title track doesn't disappoint. There are just too many great lyrics to nail down here; and even more synthesizer wizardry!

06. The Toxic Womb of Convenience - The name almost says it all... almost! "We're puppets dancing in a show, we don't even know what we think we know; in the toxic wound of convenience". Such a direct punch in the gut of the pop-40 selfie generation x, y, or z'ers.

07. The Stomp Song - Yes! Now this would be my go-to DJ track. Almost nursery rhyme worthy with pop-goes-the-weasel-like main synth line. "The big black boots going to stomp on your face, stomp on your face". In addition to more great synth lines and sampled sound effects, we hear winning guitar feedback and dropkick bass-line repercussive grooves.

08. Oh, You're An Atheist? - Proving even anti-religious zealots are target-worthy. If you know any 'unholier' than thou atheist intellectuals, this track will make you grin from the inside-out. "Oh, you're an atheist? Crawl back under your rock, the cosmos is not in the dark".

09. The Middle-Class Worms - Starting out simple and unassuming, this track builds layer-by-layer with skill and precision. A lower key track that hits the "Facebook culture" in the eye for their level of compliance here. Snog just won't stop until every compliance stone is turned, scolded, and left right where it was found.

10. Heroically Deluded - Again turning their own process on its head and starting out slow and steady; but melodically ever-progressive. This CD just keeps on giving.

11. The Slow Apocalypse - As quirky musically as Kraftwerk's "Boing, Boom, Tschak", but delivering yet another SNOGY message. "Welcome to, welcome to, the slow apocalypse".

12. The Theme From Compliance - This is just a fine bookmark or capstone of a song, signifying the sad end of COMPLIANCE.

I give this release 4.5 out of 5 stars. Not much room for improvement! I will cherish this music for a long time!

~Alexavier S. Strangerz