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Saturnian Mist - Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan

Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions

A shimmering celestial body has appeared on the horizon. Finland’s Saturnian Mist has unleashed their debut release upon the masses: Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan.

Hailing from Kuopio, Saturnian Mist are: Famulus Zetekh (lead & backing vocals), Somber Chaoswind (lead guitars), Shu-Ananda (rhythm & solo guitars, clean vocals), Ptahaz (bass guitar), and Wyrmfang (drums). On this album, they’re joined by guests A.M. (keys), Heidi Haikala (female vocals), and Hi Kivela (other instruments).

Check out their video for one of their earlier songs, “A Call In The House of Malign”.

Heavily influenced by Gnosticism, Saturnian Mist was formed to combine musical expression with Occultism in both theory and practice. This album is an apt testament to that as it indeed conjures Black Metal magick.

The band wrote all the songs on Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan between 2005-2010. Famulus Zetekh penned all the lyrics except for the songs “Bythos In Quintessence” (written by Le Sorcier) and “The Watcher’s Feast” (by Johannes Nefastas). Cover art was created by V-A Pummalainen, and the inner booklet features graphic illustration and design by Famulus Zetekh.

The Crowgrrl loves the sheer power inherent in the ferocious yet majestic “The Regicide”. There’s a spoken intro over ominous guitars and foundations in “Bythos In Quintessence” as it leads us into the chilling body of this excellent song. I love the extreme dark foundations below catchy guitars in “Consecration Of The Temple” as it celebrates Demonic Power & Glory.

The guitars in “Temps-Des-Cranes” are absolutely fantastic, as they’re punctuated by the tortured feel of the vocals. Insane ranting is layered over deceptively beautiful musicianship in “Sacrifice of Faces Unbroken”.

“The Watcher’s Feast” is primal and savage. There’s some female vox in the outro of “Aura Mystica”, which is a wonder of textures and sounds. The Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan title track is fiery and full of demonic enlightenment.

Great album! Can’t wait to see more from this band in the future.

~Athena Schaffer