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Ravencult - Force of Profanation

Metal Blade Records

As leaves begin changing color and a crispness fills the air, one way to celebrate some of the more somber moods of the season is to permeate the soundwaves with the excellent album Everything from An Autumn For Crippled Children.

Uninvited to a celebration of the Olympian deities, Eris - Goddess of Chaos - throws a golden apple into the gathering inscribed with the word "Callisti". "To The Fairest". The conflict which ensued among the party-goers ultimately resulted in The Trojan War. This type of calculated, controlled chaos is also evident in the Black Metal/Thrash mesh of Ravencult's music. This Greek band's third album (first for Metal Blade Records) - Force of Profanation is as powerful as one of Zeus' own thunderbolts! The album is chock full of stellar musicianship - solid foundations, razor-sharp guitars, and awesome vocals.

Check out the video for: "Beneath The Relics of Old"

Hailing from the shadow of the Acropolis in Athens, Ravencult are: vocalist Alex, guitarist Stef, bassist Kostas, and drummer JV. The band's inception was in 2001, and they released a series of demos before their first official album in 2007 - Temples of Torment. Their sophomore Morbid Blood followed in 2011. The band signed with Metal Blade in 2015, resulting in the excellent Force of Profanation.

The intense "Tormenter of Flesh" starts things off with the power of a jackhammer. The victorious "In Macabre Triumph" takes no prisoners! The fantastic "Beneath the Relics of Old" - recommended by Metal Blade - is permeated with the pure thunder and glory of the Olympian deities themselves.

The raw "Merciless Reprisal" is pure aural carnage that evokes images of the Titans. "Into Depths" conjures the power of Poseidon's mighty trident, causing tidal waves and earthquakes.

"Doom Oracle" brings its prophecies of destruction from the depths of Hades instead of Delphi. "Altar of Impurity" reminds me of Athena's rage when she found Medusa and Poseidon engaging in carnal activities in Her temple, and the venomous curse that ensued. The Saturnian "Temple of the Void" immerses us in the constellations set in the darkness of infinite space.

The Crowgrrl highly recommends this album! I love it!

Callisti. Hail Eris. All Hail Discordia.

~Athena Schaffer