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Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned

No, that’s not thunder rumbling on the horizon. What you’re hearing is the 7th album from British Metallers, Orange Goblin – A Eulogy For The Damned. The album is full of addictive hooks and pure power. Echoes of “Arena Metal”, this is larger-than-life anthemic Metal, made for celebrating good times and thumbing your nose at authority.

Hailing from London, Orange Goblin is: vocalist Bill Ward, bassist Martyn Millard, guitarist Joe Hoare, and drummer Chris Turner. The band recently released a new video for the song “Red Tide Rising”.

The aforementioned “Red Tide Rising” track is a great lead-in to the album…it’s a force of Nature at Her most unforgiving. Lyrics hitch a ride on “the wings of the Angel of Death”. “Stand For Something” digs heels firmly in the sand as the band calls on people to make a stand. “Acid Trial” is a hallucinogenic conjuration of the Gorgons. There is a spoken intro into the irreverent “The Filthy And The Few”.

There are great vocal harmonies and guitar solos in the powerful “Save Me From Myself”. There is a hedonistic start to “The Fog” that degenerates into a horror worthy of Stephen King himself. There is great percussion and catchy hooks in the addictive “Return To Mars”.

The abysmal “Death of Aquarius” is dark and vicious! “Bishop’s Wolf” goes straight for the jugular. There is a gorgeous, ethereal intro into the “A Eulogy For The Damned” title track which gets more intense as it laments “We’re dying from the day we are born”.

~Athena Schaffer