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No:Carrier - Wisdom and Failure
Electric Heresy

As pensive as Shoegazer without missing a single beat, Wisdom & Failure sweep with broad strokes the depth and range of dark electronica, breathing new "Life" into those tired, old blues.

Retrospective ballads test the limits of grey skies and doom clouds while yet pushing forward through a thickened mist with the confident stride of kings. The mesmerizing cadence of European dance stages lends an imagined background to the melodies flowing beneath the strident vocals of Cynthia Wechselberger. By contrast, Chris Wirsig (the other half of this musical duality) haunts the soundscape as though from another dimension of a shared reality.

Suggested highlights include "Confession" (browse No:Carrier for the accompanying music video); "Let Me Walk Alone" (vocal punctuations approach hauntingly similar to Raiana of kHz on "Reality on a Finer Scale"); "The Nine Days' Queen" [De facto monarch of England (July 1553), Lady Jane Grey (1537-1554)]; "Losing Sight Of The Coast" (delicious & romantic trance-dance); and "Wisdom And Failure" (Title track; an altogether mysterious, intriguing, and sensual slow-dance). Another stab at "Let Me Walk Alone": This rapidly accelerating track leaves the briefest of time-stamps, and yet one of the deepest dance impressions upon this album.

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Track listing :
01_Alone Now (3:10)
02_Confession (4:33)
03_Life (3:54)
04_Sunset Castle (3:59)
05_Last Scene (4:19)
06_Let Me Walk Alone (2:51)
07_The Nine Days' Queen (4:46)
08_Losing Sight Of The Coast (4:02)
09_Thoughts/Shoot The Sky (3:56)
10_Autumn Morning (Just Being There) (4:17)
11_Owes You Nothing (3:36)
12_Wisdom And Failure (4:13)

~Jett Black