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Mystic Prophecy - Ravenlord

Massacre Records

Mystic Prophecy conjure pure Power Metal enchantment with their excellent 7th album, Ravenlord. (Massacre Records) Full of addictive hooks, thundering foundations, and powerful vocals, this offering takes us to realms of fantasy to demonic evocations to fist-pumping anthems to even a revved up cover of an Ozzy Osbourne classic.

Hailing from Bad Gronenbach, Germany, Mystic Prophecy are: vocalist Roberto Dimitri Liapakis, guitarists Markus Pohl and Constantine, bassist Connie Andreszka, and drummer Claudio Sisto.

The “Ravenlord” title track lures us into a world of sword and sorcery; lyrically intriguing and musically gorgeous, this is a wonderful way to lead us into this album! I love this song! “Die Now” is razor-sharp, with an impressive shredding guitar solo. “Eyes Of The Devil” is lyrically about being under the spell of a temptress, pitted against an ominous musical backdrop.

“Damned Tonight” is infused with a fiery intensity. “Hollow” is damned catchy! Fantastic musicianship with tormented lyrics. Melodies as black as night lead us into “Wings of Destiny”, which quickly gives way to a trip through time as we witness the siege of a medieval castle from the victors’ eyes. There is an incredible guitar solo in “Endless Fire” as it conjures demons and ushers in a reign of fire.

Another Crowgrrl personal favorite on the album is “Cross Of Lies”, which is a scathing attack against organized religions. “Reckoning Day” is a headlong plunge into inescapable fate – fast and powerful. The aforementioned Ozzy Osbourne cover is the classic “Miracle Man”, which Mystic Prophecy infuse with their own identity as they deliver it with a new intensity.

~Athena Schaffer