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Mortiis - The Great Deceiver

Mortiis has long been one of The Crowgrrl's personal favorite performers - the man is an artistic genius both with the music itself as well as the visuals (both with his live show and his videos) that go with it. That said, I've got to say that his new The Great Deceiver is his best to date - as brilliant as the Aurora Borealis! This poignant album defies classification - it seriously cannot be pigeonholed into any genre... and that's the beauty of it! Mortiis lyrically bares his soul against sounds as diverse as Industrial to Thrash to Classic Metal and even Acoustic.

This is Mortiis' ninth album and it explores themes of anger, greed, confusion, self-doubt, and rediscovery. He resurrects his masked stage persona to the delight of fans! There are already two official videos from the album: the raw "Doppelganger" and the arcane "Shining Lamp of God" (which has an alchemical vibe visually).

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The Shining Lamp of God

The excellent "The Great Leap" is intense as it embraces Change - it reminds me of "The Fool" card in the Tarot's Major Arcana personified. The infectious "The Ugly Truth" has almost an '80's Metal feel in the backbeat. The raw "Doppelganger" absolutely Rocks as it teeters on the brink of schizophrenia (the percussion is awesome!). I love the dark, addictive "Demons Are Back" - it is purely irresistible temptation!

"Hard To Believe" goes into a complete other musical direction - it's organic, heartfelt, and intriguing. This song has the best vocals on the entire album! The atmospheric "Bleed Like You" plunges us into a silky darkness. Although "Road to Ruin" is impossible to peg musically, it's totally different and excellent, containing an element of danger and possible impending doom. The incendiary "Scalding the Burnt" is a total inferno!

The sinister, grim "The Shining Lamp of God" has an industrial feel. Mortiis truly bares his soul in the introspective "Sins Of Mine". Pure rage is unleashed with the power of a nuclear warhead with "Feed the Greed". The ferocious "Too Little Too Late" attempts an escape but is caught in a quagmire.

I HIGHLY recommend this album! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exciting musical ride!

~Athena Schaffer