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Lords of Acid - Deep Chills

Metropolis Records

Lords of Acid are infamous for delivering addictive doses of X-Rated Electronica. Their newest offering – Deep Chills – is no exception. Their first album in 10 years is sultry, sexy, and steamy to say the least. (Definitely NOT for our younger readers).

Hailing from Belgium, Lords of Acid currently consists of founder Praga Khan, who handles vocal, synthesizer, and programming duties; female vocalist Mea Fisher (aka DJ Mea), guitarist Andre Karkos (aka Virus), bassist Murv Douglas, and percussionist Kirk Salvador. The busy and additionally X-Rated album cover that depicts vignettes of each song was done by NYC based Karl Koles.

The rhythmic “Mighty Little Rabbit” has people breeding like the named title’s lagomorphs. “Drowning In Ecstasy”is a steamy sexual romp. “Sole Sucker” is a darker look into BDSM, where a dominatrix is toying with her prey. “Pop That Tooshie” is pure booty-shaking.

“Love Bus” gets an orgiastic party started. The psychedelic “Children of Acid” celebrates the band’s loyal fan base. “Hot Magma” is a slow, sensuous, steamy sexual flow. “Medicine Man” is a cacophony of dry, desert mirages and visions. “Censorship Blows” is as celebratory of the First Amendment as it is defiant against the status quo.

I love the percussion in “Slip And Slide”, a sort-of Sixties Rock vibe about a nymphomaniac. Casino FX abound in “Mary Queen of Slots”. Refreshing male vocals are included in the ghostly investigation “Paranormal Energy” (which features Zak Bagan). ‘Sixties music permeates “Surfin’ Hedgehog”, a shout-out to porn star Ron Jeremy.

~Athena Schaffer