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Live Not On Evil - When Everything Goes Down
Creep Records 2013

Listen up, kids! You're gonna love this... Overall, this album delivers the hard grimace, ghetto punch, crotch grinding, Pabst Blue goth-punk, furious percussion, perfect rhythm, and mosh pit grease that every live rock music club needs nightly. True to the hyperventilating beats, LIVE NOT ON EVIL never strays into self-serving ballads of boredom and romance. "This is what it's like to be coming back to life!" This is exactly what your music queue has been missing!

Track listing :
01. Falling For It
02. When Everything Goes Down
03. Set On Random
04. Nothing's Wrong
05. A Little More
06. Switchblade Angels
07. Coming Back To Life
08. Still She Haunts Me
09. Moment Of Sanity
10. The Claim

~Jett Black