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King Belvedere


One of the most exciting Power Metal bands on the U.S.’ East Coast are King Belvedere, a definite crowd-pleaser (especially when they play Live). They’ve deservedly earned themselves a die-hard following, which was proven without a doubt when the band turned to Kickstarter to fund their most recent album – fittingly entitled simply King Belvedere – which fans immediately flocked to so they could get their hands on this musical offering as fast as possible!

Hailing from the Baltimore/Washington corridor, band is: vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jeff McKenny, guitarist/vocalist Alex T. White, bassist Jay Hitaffer, and drummer Johnny Sexx. (One of the band’s merch offerings are t-shirts Johnny makes from his drum head designs). The band is understandably gaining quite the following from all over the East Coast, and the storm is spreading out from there! This is definitely a band to watch – there is a very promising future ahead for them.

King Belvedere’s no-nonsense Rocking style has been compared to Guns N Roses and The Ramones – and surely those influences are evident. (The Crowgrrl’s a huge Ramones fan, so those were strong claims to live up to, and fortunately King Belvedere delivers).

The defiant “You Will Never Break Me” is permeated with strength of conviction. The infectious “Just Because” is rebellious and free (the hint of cowbell was a nice touch). “Stand Up! Get Up!” is an urgent call-to-action (I loved the dark melodic break in this one). The upbeat, positive “We’re Alright” reminded me a bit of Motley Crue.

Good Ole Boys are looking for a good time in “Get Me Off”, which has a Southern-flavored twang to it. The bawdy “Ain’t Got No Shame” is pure fun! A “woe-is-me” chant dominates “Black Cloud” (which also was reminiscent of Crue).

I love the guitars in the spiteful, venomous “Bad News Bitch”! Despite the backing female guest vocals in “Cold Blooded”, the lyrics were a tad misogynist portraying a cruel heartbreaker. “Endless Road” is a piano-dominated emotional ballad that can be compared to Crue’s “Home Sweet Home”.

This album had great musicianship throughout! Definitely an album to Rock out with for a great time. The Crowgrrl highly recommends it.

~Athena Schaffer