CD Reviews Khaos Dei

Khaos Dei - Opus II: Catechism

Osmose Productions

I was absolutely delighted with Khaos Dei's new "Opus II: Catechism" (Osmose Productions)! The musicianship is excellent throughout -- a pure celebration of Satanic majesty. This is Black Metal at its finest!

Hailing from France, Khaos Dei are: guitarist/vocalist Nacht, bassist Kha-Lash, and drummer Damien. This is their second album - and I'm seriously going to backtrack to check out their first album, "Tell Them Lucifer Was Here".

The instrumental "Prelude" builds power until erupting into an imperial style march. Great musicianship permeates "A L'Enfant Du Diable" - an unholy celebration indeed! The atmospheric instrumental "Au Fond" is gorgeous! It invokes visuals of fog whisping through a graveyard. The fantastic "Le Noyau Du Chaos" is darkly majestic with clean & fierce vocals - I love it!!!

"Ou Vous Tomberez" is pure ferocity that segues to Victorious. You can certainly feel the demonic presence in the instrumental "Dans Nos Abimes (Melek Tha)". The ominous "Sous La Banniere Noire" is inescapably chilling!

"Une Armee Entiere" insures solidarity by pure strength. The instrumental "Pret A Servir" is beautifully enchanting. The awesome "La Ou Les Mots Ne Parlent" is darkly beautiful. The album wraps up with the regal "Allegeance".

I probably would have loved this album even more if I could've understood the lyrics - but alas, I don't speak French. But music being the universal language that it is, you can feel every bit of emotion in the music. This one is definitely going into my personal Heavy Rotation stack!

~Athena Schaffer