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Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun of the Great East

Advanced sonic manipulation of samples and recorded elements, mixed with live, layered guitars and rhythms used to be how you described any Juno Reactor release; but not so much with Gods & Monsters, the slightly 'off-script' previous release. The Golden Sun of the Great East is a refreshing and fulfilling return to the well-proven earlier Juno Reactor format.

As we found on Bible of Dreams, sounds from Asia and the Middle East are living comfortably with the psy-trance, rocked-out, sonic foot-work of Ben Watkins. The Golden Sun of the Great East has been in my top rotation for the past couple of years and is a valid piece of work that is deserving of attention.

This is a release to be played very loud (as I always recommend) as there is a lot of bass-reactiveness that plays well on surround speakers; The Golden Sun of the Great East is dark enough to play out on most dancefloors with Gothic/Industrial and EBM standards. Some of the guitar work within this release is reminiscent of classic KMFDM; while tranced-out rhythms and live drums give your feet plenty to keep up with on a dance floor. As a matter of fact, Track 04, "Trans Siberian", starts with a very oontzy-stompy 4/4 beat! Get your copy now, this release is a great inspiration for the dance floor or a long Juno Reactor-inspired drive!!

~Alexavier S. Strangerz