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Hate Squad - Katharsis

Massacre Records

One of Germany’s best Metalcore exports, Hate Squad, are back with their sixth album, Katharsis (Massacre Records). Get set for a wild musical ride indeed as the band purges a plethora of emotional demons. There is excellent musicianship throughout this catchy album. The Crowgrrl highly recommends it!

Hailing from Hanover, Hate Squad are: vocalist Burkhard Schmitt, guitarist Mark Kunnemann, bassist Bauke De Groot, and drummer Helge Dolgener.

The deceptively beautiful instrumental “Deep Scars” ushers us into the album, but does nothing to prepare us for the mayhem that follows. The Katharsis title track immediately follows, and is nothing short of full force Rage unleashed. “Your Rotten Life” is a Tough Love catalyst, forcing positive change. The dark incubus-type entity in “The One” definitely brings dark dreams.

The explosive “Hatebomb” unleashes animosity. The vicious “A.P.A.B.” is chock full of fantastic riffs! The instrumental “Misanthropic Soul” is hauntingly melodic. The ruthless “Viscous Assault” is bludgeoning.

The rousing “Old Times, Good Times” is pure celebratory Fun. The chilling “Kill” is blood-curdling to say the least. “R3volt1on15t” is as chaotic as the title’s spelling as it brings about Anarchy. The gorgeous instrumental “Face Your Demon” is rich and exotic. “Live & Learn” is a pure Thrash pummeling that will beat the listener to a bloody pulp.

~Athena Schaffer