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Legendary Pink Dots - Gethsemane Option

Metropolis Records

Normally I'd say I'm not the most objective reviewer of anything touched by Edward Ka-Spel, especially his solo work or stuff filed under "The Legendary Pink Dots"; but since I failed my normal ritual of erasing preconceived notions before tackling a review, I think I set myself up to be more objective about The Gethsemane Option. Here's the skinny on the fat. Per usual, The Legendary Pink Dots have a way of being different project to project without deviating from the stated mission (the Terminal Kaleidescope concept). In many ways, Gethsemane feels more laid back and flirts with the space-rock side of things. Play very loud, maybe in a dark room. Pay attention, be not distracted, Edward has things to say and they are worth listening to. Headphones, or a good sound system, is a must.

The Legendary Pink Dots do not like to stand still very long, so don't think of any of your favorites before going out on this adventure. Edward himself once told me,"Never doubt me, Alexavier", and I've not been let down by having faith in his visions. Of course, most LPD fans are going to accept this release, but what about neonates or the uninitiated? Well, maybe start them with some classic LPD (The Maria Dimension or Crushed Velvet Apocalypse) first, as this disc may be an odd starting course from the ever-expanding LPD universe.

The Legendary Pink Dots deliver an audio-visionary experience. I'm finding the use of found sounds and samples for audio communication to be very pleasing at times. I imagine I'm stranded at a railway station surrounded by the creaks and groans of old iron rails, or I'm overhearing a theater show and the cheering audience.

The opening track, “A Star Is Born”, was pre-released and a favorite of mine. I also tend to get lost in the brilliant layering of synths and guitar in track #3, “Esher Everywhere”. While I'm never happy to reach the end of an LPD release, the final track, “Just One More Dimension”, sends things off as best as it can.

So run, don't walk, to and order this great piece of art via the mp3 download section… cover art is so over-rated anyway, right?

At the time of this review, I'm saddened to say I missed the supporting tour entirely. For those of you who caught them,Congratulations! Being the ever busy bodies they are, I'll be catching up with Chemical Playschool 15 soon! To quote Edward, "Wishing you all the very best".

1. A Star Is Born
2. The Garden of Ealing
3. Esher Everywhere
4. Pendulum
5. Grey Scale
6. A Stretch In Time
7. One More Dimension

~Alexavier S. Strangerz