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Firewind - Few Against Many

Knife Fight Media

Firewind rush headlong into the fray with their valiant new Few Against Many (Knife Fight Media). This album is an excellent follow-up to their brilliant Premonition, which remains in The Crowgrrl’s personal Heavy Rotation Stack. “Few Against Many” overall can only be described as a soaring, captivating Power Metal treat!

Originally from Greece but now based in the U.S., Firewind is: guitar virtuoso Gus G, vocalist Apollo Papathanasio, bassist Petros Christodoulidis, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Bob Katsionis, and drummer John Nunez. The album features exquisite artwork featuring a flaming statue of Nike – Goddess of Victory – surrounded by Samurai flags; this artwork was done by Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes .

Firewind is bringing highlights of this album as well as some of their previous gems to live audiences at some of the great European festivals this summer including The Download Festival, Masters of Rock Festival, Roadgrill Festival, Summer Breeze Open Air Festival, and then will tour Europe this Fall with Leave’s Eyes. They also have upcoming shows scheduled for China and Taiwan.

The listener is thrust head-first into the soaring “Wall of Sound”: an excellent track that features in-your-face foundations, and impressive vocals and guitars. “Losing My Mind” starts out moody albeit melodic, but gets heavier and more manic as it faces inner demons. The “Few Against Many” title track fearlessly charges into battle (and has an incredible guitar solo).

Crackling fiery FX usher us into “The Undying Fire”, which is a raging musical infernal with inspirational lyrics. I absolutely love the guitars in the cosmic “Another Dimension” – a profound song! The threatening “Glorious” is aptly titled – an empowering piece about not allowing yourself to be fooled. The mournful “Edge Of A Deam” is a ballad embracing keys and cello, and features guest stars Apocalyptica.

The guitars are amazing in the passionate “Destiny”! “Long Gone Tomorrow” is defiant and purposeful. “No Heroes, No Sinners” is harmonious and lovely, a great outro.

~Athena Schaffer