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Assemblage 23 - Endure (Deluxe)

2016 was a tough year for music with the loss of artists such as Prince and David Bowie; however, independent record label, Metropolis, dropped a stellar release on us in late 2016 with Endure by Assemblage 23. This deluxe version is quite the bargain at $14.00 for download from the Metropolis website - and comes with 19 tracks total (along with 2 bonus tracks and 7 remixes); as well as a PDF of lyrics and album artwork.

I have enjoyed Assemblage 23 for about as long as they have been around (including the remixes done by Tom Shear in his early days). 2009's Compass was one of the best finds of that year! Endure is also sure to be a hit, especially with such stellar tracks as "Afterglow," "Bravery," "Barren," and "December".

Endure is pure EBM, with an emphasis on the "E" (I also like to refer to the sound as "Post-Industrial Dance Music"). Hard-pounding drum machines and pulsing, layered synth-lines abound; and Tom Shear's voice is nestled into place like a cozy safety blanket delivering lyrics both stark and poignant.

YouTube has a full album version that you can play for free, but you will want to purchase a copy from Metropolis so that you can also enjoy the bonuses and remixes - especially you DJs out there. Fans, don't be shy; find your favorite tracks and make sure you request them at club nights from your local spinsters behind the decks... these songs are meant to be played loud and danced to!

I proudly give this release 4.8 out of 5 stars, and urge you to go out and get your copy!

Main Disk:
01. Endure
02. Afterglow
03. Bravery
04. Salt the Earth
05. Static
06. Call the Dawn
07. Butterfly Effect
08. Barren
09. Grid
10. December
Bonus tracks and Remixes:
11. Afterglow (Rain Within RMX)
12. Bravery (Interface RMX)
13. December (Neuroticfish RMX)
14. Ignorance (Bonus Track)
15. Salt the Earth (Angel Theory RMX)
16. December (Stereospread RMX)
17. Bravery (Solitary Experiments RMX)
18. Goliath (Bonus Track)
19. Ignorance (Mr. Kitty RMX)

~Alexavier S. Strangerz