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Dubcon (Twilight Circus meets cEvin Key) - UFO pon di gullyside

First of all, I feel it my duty to state my gratitude to the Metropolis promotional team for including me in the christening of these great releases! That said, you should know this is as good as you might already be imagining. As a long time fan of Skinny Puppy, Tear Garden, et al., I'm not going to say cEevin can do no wrong; but when he does right, it’s as right as it gets!

In the year 2000, I had the great opportunity to travel the states seeing the "Perfect Mystery" tour by the Legendary Pink Dots in several different cities. During that time, I became close to Ryan Moore, who was on the drums for that tour. Towards the end of our adventure, I was in possession of Ryan's project, “The Twilight Circus Dub Sound System”; specifically, the 180-gram vinyl version of “The Dub Plates”. So, when hearing that cEvin & Ryan have a collaboration called "Dubcon", I was truly excited and could not dowload the files fast enough. I have wanted to start this review since that very first listen, and the thick bass and dub vs. analogue synth style is probably becoming well-known by my neighbors… oh well!

This is music to play loud and proud; and, if you are in Washington or Colorado, you might as well break out the bong, too, as you will have the urge to do so by track 2, “Light It Up”. I'm so very happy with this release straight out of the gate with its slightly kicked-back start and the dubby-style middle tracks. You will certainly be looking forward to the future of this project, as I am.

I'm not going to go as far as to say Twighlight Circus is the best collaborator cEvin's chosen, but I was so ready for the reality of this project that I began using my mind's eye to combine the two main artist in my head right from the start. There was simply no chance for disappointment! Don't just take my word, you can preview tracks on Amazon in the mp3 download category. The cost for the full CD download is quite appropriate.

So, cEvin and Ryan, if you read this, you've made a long time fan (and sometimes friend) very happy! And now I'm off to drink some coffee… duuude, I'm baked!!!

01. Outerspace
02. Light It Up
03. First Contact
04. Green Fire
05. Zion Cluster
06. Moment In Space
07. Heliosphere
08. Project Sign
09. Dubbrain
10. Farstar
11. UFO pon di gullyside (destination dub)
12. Gone Orbital

~Alexavier S. Strangerz