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Dubcon (Twilight Circus Meets cEvin Key)- Martian Dub Beacon

If you are a fan of cEvin Key, you probably jumped on the debut Dubcon release. UFO Pon Di Gullyside set the tone for this new project between cEvin and Ryan Moore of The Legendary Pink Dots and TearGarden fame! When Ryan split from The Dots to focus on The Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, he was certainly missed; but many of us knew that he would surface again. Well, thanks to the magical collaborator that is cEvin Key, it seems Dubcon -- especially on Metropolis records -- is where we will be seeing Ryan's work surfacing, flourishing, and coming to fruition!

This Sophomore release seems to set a Dubcon formula, yet this second effort does seem to follow the rules of Reggae Dub a little more closely... not that any rules or formulas will be stuck to always! Rules, being mere guidelines to Dubcon, are meant to be broken! cEvin's electronica experimentation is not far behind; yet not as forward in the mix this time around. This release is bass heavy, so be sure to use headphones or risk pissing off the neighbors!

Favorite tracks include "One Way Trip", "Something in the Sky", "Cosmic Traveller", and "Can See the Daynight".

All in all, this album is well worth the download; and made my speakers (and me!) very happy. Especially for those in legal states or districts that are 420 friendly, two is a charm for Dubcon... bring on Number Three!

01. One Way Trip
02. Hottah
03. Something in the Sky
04. Black Hole
05. Watching and Wondering
06 .Dub Beacon
07. Transmission
08. Red Planet
09. Valles Marineris
10. Cosmic Traveller
11. Can See the Daynight
12. Passing Phobos

~Alexavier S. Strangerz