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They’ll Have Dreams - (Self-Titled)

Ivystone Records

The debut eponymous album from They’ll Have Dreams is appropriately named – the listener is beckoned into surreal musical dreamscapes. The band’s avant-garde expression defies being pigeonholed into a category – but for those who need a “label” for reference, they’re closest to the prog/experimental-rock of, say, early Genesis, Clannad, ELP, Steve Vai, etc. (They’d fit right in at the annual Dragoncon Fest in Atlanta).

Based in Maryland, this multi-talented dynamic duo is comprised of brothers Daniel and Luke Roberts, who not only compose the mesmeric songs, but perform all the instruments themselves as well. This ethereal album tugs at the very heartstrings. This is Definitely a band to watch!!!

I love the guitar and keys in the desolate “No One Comes Home”, which at times is as full of despair as a lonely coyote howling at the moon; yet holds the promise of new beginnings. Fantastic bass and twangy guitars give great framework to the introspective and profound lyrics of “Doubt”. An ‘80’s Rock Arena feel permeates “Lonely World”, heralding the downfall of the “Me” generation. “Babylon” – probably my favorite – has the ethereal haunting feel of a whale song as it lyrically searches for spiritual truths. (Seriously, there’s nothing as beautiful as hearing a whale in the wild, and this is very close!).

The instrumental “Walk To Freedom” features excellent, almost larger-than-life epic musicianship. The bittersweet “Tower” is another Crowgrrl favorite – it’s dreamy and chivalric. The untitled instrumental bonus track is short but sweet.

The Crowgrrl predicts a great future for this band!

~Athena Schaffer