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Sons of the Radio - The Delicate Machinery


The Delicate Machinery (self released) is the excellent sophomore album from Sons of the Radio. This adrenaline-infused album combines a fun mix of catchy musicianship and inspiring lyrics, and blurs the lines between Alternative and Metal making them extremely AOL & Alt radio-friendly indeed. After checking out their debut, “Heartstrings & Heresies”, The Crowgrrl predicted this was a band to watch, and they certainly proved me right. Hailing from Maryland, Sons of the Radio are: vocalist Matt Gomez (who also provides hand percussion), drummer Jimmy Herberson, bassist/vocalist Tom Kravulski, and guitarist/vocalist Mike Sullivan. “The Delicate Machinery” boasts a few guest appearances as well. King Belvedere’s Johnny Sexx contributed guest vocals on “Lady Conundrum”. Also on that song, you can hear Jimmy’s Chicken Shack’s Jerome Maffeo on congas. The band introduces Heather Nicole, who adds her vocals to “A Love Song (For Lovers)”. Former SotR bassist Richie Widzbor also contributed to “Melodramatic Yellow.”

All songs on “The Delicate Machinery” were written by Sons of the Radio, and vocalist Matt Gomez penned all the lyrics.

“Melodramatic Yellow” (see what they did there? Kickstarting off of Donovan’s Mellow Yellow”) seriously Rocks as it exposes a superficial drama queen. Fantastic melodies permeate the empowering “Posters On The Wall”, which reaches out to all those who feel unnoticed. “The Last Words He Spoke Echoed Forever” is a brief, nice guitar solo. “The Suppliant” is inescapably hypnotic.

The Power Ballad “Dreams In The Rain” is refreshingly optimistic. I love the percussion in the excellent “Lady Conundrum” – caliente! The instrumental “21225” has a Gaelic flavor that one can almost dance a traditional jig to. The infectious “Bagman” shines the spotlight on a crazy homeless man.

“Damage Collective” finds someone being pushed almost to their breaking point. The fantastic “A Love Song (For Lovers)” reminds couples to put aside mundane worries and concerns, and just focus on their feelings for each other. The ominous “Premonition” is probably the heaviest song on the album, reminiscent of early Black Sabbath. The pulsating instrumental “In The Fall” wraps things up with a sense of urgency.

Excellent album! The Crowgrrl highly recommends it.

~Athena Schaffer