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Covenant - Leaving Babylon

Metropolis Records

I've stated before that I listen to a new release at least three times before writing a review; however, at the time of this writing, I'm on listen number five at least. You will want to keep this one on “repeat”!

As Leaving Babylon starts, I find myself asking, “Is this industrial, or what?” Clanging rhythms, made by iron hammers that could be wielded by THOR himself, accompany stark and deep male vocalizations. Not that Covenant strays too far from their popular E.B.M. formula -- it's right back in place by track #2 -- but I hardly ever raise my appreciation of a release by individual tracks alone; and if Covenant can't synthesize a hook, then who can? The overall album flow here is what I truly appreciate. It's also important to note that Covenant isn't straying too far from the formulas that have made them a succesful and critically acclaimed band (Yes, I'm gushiung here!).

This is yet another grand release not just from Covenant, but from their label, Metropolis Records. It's just been a great year for good music. You can order and dowload this music from the Metropolis site or at Amazon. So,What are you waiting for?

01. Leaving Babylon
02. Thy Kingdom Come
03. Last Dance
04. Prime Movers
05. I Walk Slow
06. For Our Time
07. Ignorance & Bliss
08. Auto (Circulation)
09. Not to Be Here
10. Leaving Babylon II

~Alexavier S. Strangerz