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Clan of Xymox - Matters of Mind, Body and Soul
Metropolis Records

I'm very pleased to be in a situation again to review a Clan of Xymox release. The last one was Farewell, which I reviewed for While they are still a part of Metropolis Records releases, I did notice a link on Projekt for this digital release. The more the merrier, right?

This band certainly deserve a lot of exposure, they certainly paid their dues long ago. I have found that the better Gothic/Industrial DJ’s out there will always have something from Clan of Xymox included in their sets.

Matters of Mind, Body, and Soul is intelligently Gothic and dark in composition; yet often a cut above in electronic experimentation. Each track offers something special, and the album flow is above par. While they are still within their element and formula, I would say they are nowhere near being in a rut or formulaic.

“She's Falling In Love” became an “earworm”, stuck in my head after the very first listen, and I have a thing for the third track, “The Climate Changed”, as here we fall far away from Clan of Xymox formula and experience a deeper message and somber mood. “The healing heart below the freezing point” lends one to feel this is a song more about time in its dynamic motion rather than anything political as the concept of climate change might suggest.

“Hector”, is a little gem of a track that stands out during album play, on closer inspection, it’s another instrumental; so yet another step away from the formula. The keyboard style reminds me of the pure analog moments in 70s pop/rock, such as found with The Who or Pink Floyd.

If I am DJing and “I Close My Eyes” gets requested, this is the type of song I would feel obligated to play. It’s pure “darkwave”. I love this stuff, and you should, too!

Two things you can say about Clan of Xymox is that they are good at creating synth hooks and that they build layer upon layer in a song. Both of these traits are displayed here. When you are far into a release and a track shows up that’s been carefully structured and sculpted, you know the production was track-by-track, and nothing even close to “fluff” or filler was placed on this CD.

“Your Own Way” has hooks and synth lines spinning like a double-helix, cemented in time by a good, steady beat. “Love’s On Diet” again brings up the subject of “love”, and it’s always a grand (or dare I say ‘epic’) occasion to them. Another purely CoX sounding track, and they are all on FIRE!

“I’ll Let You Go” steps it back a notch; yet is no less engaging or entertaining. The flip side of love, the bittersweet, expressed with precision and good taste. Towards the end, there’s a surprising bridge, mostly acoustic and mournful, that draws you closer.

“Months Ago”: ah, I love a band that can tell a good story; and here they paint the story with sound in a grand way. “Kiss and Tell” reminds me of “Japanese Whispers” era Cure; but this track is all CoX. “Chinese Whispers”, ironically enough, sounds nothing like The Cure or like the aforementioned track. This track is a cinematically-themed exit from their work and truly has whispery moments. A fitting end to another CoX concept.

Don’t delay and download this release wherever you may find it!

~Alexavier S. Strangerz